Mar 30, 2011

Plein Air Treks and Bathroom Wishes

This blog has been in the making for a long time!  
Posting will be the easy part now that I have my blog up and running!  
When you work alone like most artists, there are thoughts that go through your head,  something like, "WOW" that's a great idea, or I wonder if anyone else thinks this way?  
I guess I should start my first blog right-where-I-am, if I try to back track, I'll get lost!  So here goes.

 Me, (center) over-the-moon, excited with my SOLD painting during "Paint the Town" Plein Air Event in Cranford NJ.  (What you see here, is just after the Quick Paint Event has ended!)  A Quick Paint Event is where you have a timed two hour window to find your location, paint, frame and bring your painting to the judging stand!  
This was the first year for  "Paint the Town"  and it was very well organized. 

 What I will be doing Next

I'm getting ready for a ten day, Plein Air Paint Out in Augusta MO.   The good thing is I'm not flying this time, so taking equipment will be easier.  The drive will be about six hours, alone, so major munching and music listening while the GPS insults me!  Re-calculating!

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