May 5, 2011

Augusta Missouri Plein Air Event

This was the lake in Augusta, and when I first saw it I knew it was a painting!  
Water is my favorite subject, and there were tall lacey trees that was just starting to bud and best of all reflections to paint! 

So here I am in a beautiful setting, painting equipment at the ready!  Day seven of the "Augusta, Missouri Plein Air Event,"  and it is raining!  It has rained everyday of the Paint-Out and today for added interest we have a cold wind.  So as the rain pours down, I would occasionally stop, and pour the water out of my paint box, retrieve my umbrella from the wind gusts, and paint on!
I only stopped a few times to go to the car, to put on another layer of clothes, ending up with four layers of clothes and a flattering plastic poncho.  Wish I had a picture of this fashion statement!  :)  
  But through all this, I think I painted my BEST painting.          SOLD

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