Jun 9, 2011


This is my Winning painting that Won "Second Place" in the Augusta Missouri Plein Air Event.  
A well deserved,  "First Place" went to Joshua Been, who is one of the nicest and most talented painters on the Plein Air circuit!   We were painting in the town of Defience in and around the "Yellow House Vineyard."   I saw this view the week before, and thought it would make a great painting.  We had a lot of rain during the plein air event but it wasn't raining on THIS day, so capturing the scene should be a piece of cake! 
There was a strong breeze that would come and go just as I was about to paint a bit of detail!   And I would have to stop now and then to retrieve my umbrella!  (The umbrella was to keep the sun off my panel while I trying to paint.)

Along with the popping umbrella, and high wind gusts, I also had a visitor stop by to watch me paint.   He wanted to talk and gave me a history lesson on the different types of grapevines that were planted on the hillside.   I tried to be polite, but the light was changing fast at this point and I really needed to finish and get the painting to the judging station.   After awhile he asked what I was going to do with that painting?   I told him at the end of the plein air event there would be an Art Show.  
I'm Happy to report,  it SOLD!

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