Aug 2, 2013

Lights, camera, What?

Lights, Camera, What?

I have a chandelier that has traveled from house-to-house with me.  It was bought way back when brass was in!  If I wait long enough, it WILL BE BACK!

Seeing this light fixture daily, I often think it would make a good painting.   I love the way it catches the light when the sun is shining, so today I painted it!
After I finishing the painting, I stepped back and the arms of the chandelier looked off?   
I stood in the dining room and re-checked all of the proportions, and they were right!  So now, do I paint what would make more sense, or do I paint what I see?

I would love to hear from others this has happened too, since I learn something with each painting.
I changed all of the colors while I did the painting, just to keep it interesting!  
If it's EASY, I'm NOT interested!


  1. The lampshade to the left of center seems a little low, and is lacking some detail. If you bring the curve of that one arm up it will look symmetrical. Other than that it looks great!! Love ya! -Erin

  2. Erin Dusza,
    See I just needed another pair of eyes!
    Thank you for the help.

  3. Really eye-catching, Jacklyn! Love it. I hope you will show it again if you do anything else to it. Would love to see it closer up, too...

  4. Meredith Adler,

    Thank you!
    Taking a photo and posting it makes me reevaluate my work? It looks like I need to re-visit and re-work this painting. This is a Good Thing! Learning with each painting as I go!

  5. Good advice. Glad she gave it. I saw something in that area was off but couldn't define it as Erin did. I really like looking at it. I have a fav chandelier that doesn't belong to me but have drawn it out and may go for it. Thanks