Sep 12, 2013

Making My Way Back Home

Part of this painting challenge for me, was to try new things.  It could be subjects, or in this case a different medium.
I usually paint in oils, but when I read the new OPEN Acrylics can be used like oils, I decided to get it a try!  Well maybe they seem like oils to someone who is familiar with acrylics, but They seem very different to me! 
I also used the new Acrylic paper but still put a coat of gesso on it, for something close to what I am accustomed to using.
All on all I am happy with the outcome.   I would like to know what you think or any tips you can give me?

                                                  6X12      Acrylic on Paper 


  1. This turned out great! And as an acrylic painter I am about to try oils lol.. .water mixable... I can't get over the smells of the solvents etc, I am sensitive.

    Did you use water or medium, the medium or glazing medium makes the paint slippery and the water makes it dry faster and drag.

  2. Kelly, I did use the OPEN medium. I think you using water mix able oil paint is a good idea. I have started using it to block in a painting.

    1. Sounds like you are an oil gal! WOW I never thought of that! Use the water mixable to block in the painting instead of turps... hmmmm I'll figure this out sooner or later lol You can use up to 30% regular oils with them also.