Sep 11, 2014

Green Apples

I am in the " 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge" once again! 
For this challenge I want to try something different, and perhaps learn a few things along the way?  My challenge is to paint 30 abstract paintings using water soluble paints, if possible?  
This will be a challenge for me because my painting style is representational, and 
I have only painted with oil paints.
"Green Apples"
7.5x10 inches  Acrylic on paper

Thank You for looking!


  1. Maggie Ruley,
    Thank You! If I get the composition right, than it seems to work!

  2. Sue Marrazzo,
    Thank You for your nice comment.
    The colors worked, so I left them alone!

  3. Great design!
    Love the colors.
    Edgar Whitney (watercolorist) told me years ago that the lavender/ green combination is money in the bank. True!
    I appreciate your comment.

  4. Julie Ford Oliver,
    I painted this about tree times, each time simplifying a little more!
    Thank You for your very nice comment!