Sep 18, 2014

Patchwork Pears

Continued the pear theme today!  
Pears are fun and challenging to paint.  
They have angles and sides, light and dark, and sometimes spots too!

8x10     Acrylic on Gessoboard

Thanks for Looking!


  1. I just painted my first apple last week. Now I'll have to try a pear. Love this. Great name cause it does have that patch work look,

    1. Sharon,
      Thank You for your comment!
      I Love painting apples also, maybe that is what I should have picked for the 30?

  2. WOW! Since you have done some abstracts I believe it really impacted your work and I can see more of YOU in it! Bravo!!!

  3. Kelly,
    Thank You for that very nice comment!
    The abstracts were harder than I originally thought! They taught me that design is important no- matter "what" I paint.