Sep 9, 2014


I am in the " 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge" once again! 
For this challenge I want to try something different, and perhaps learn a few things along the way?  My challenge is to paint 30 abstract paintings using water soluble paints, if possible?  
This will be a challenge for me because my painting style is representational, and 
I have only painted with oil paints.

12x12   Acrylic and Gesso on paper

Why did I name my painting "Place"?   
Because I wanted the viewer to decide if it was morning or evening?  
And, whether it was a cityscape or trees and field, or maybe even a lake?
I tried putting in a reflection that would describe water, but thought it took away from the focus.
Through this challenge, I am finding design the most important element.
Thank You for looking!


  1. looks like a snow covered mountain to me with a small village on a bench mid level. I love it though. Maybe the best one yet.

    1. Sharon,
      Thank you for your very nice comment!
      It is fascinating, "what" we all see in an abstract.
      They may be more personal, than representational painting?

  2. Love it! I think you're on to something with this abstract thing. Good luck with Leslie Saeta's challenge!

  3. Helen H Trachy,
    Thank you for your very nice comment and encouragement!
    This "abstract journey" has had it's ups and downs.
    I will be writing more about what I have learned at a later date.