Aug 8, 2011

Painting from a Photo #5

Trying to wrap up this painting, but there seems to be MORE to do before I can sign it!

I have been painting and NOT stepping back enough, because observers have pointed out there is a frog in the upper middle of the canvas!  If I stepped back more often, I would have caught this!

   Remember painting from photos you lose a lot of information!  You have to train yourself to be an observer and remember what you are seeing.  Along with your camera, take a sketchbook and make notes, this will help when you are back in the studio.  Because of the information lost in a photo, using someone Else's photos can be very difficult.

   The other area in the painting that needs attention is the shadow below the rock edge, in the lower left of the canvas.  It just looks black in the photo.  This needs to be explained better, so I expanded the rock beneath to show "it" in the shadow.  I now need to follow the contour of the upper rock to make the shadow below believable.  Right now the shadow is straight and isn't correct.

Use the photo as a blueprint only and don't become a slave to it.
There is a time in every painting done from a photo, where I don't use it anymore.  I go around adjusting values and just PAINT!

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