Apr 6, 2012

A Gift ?

   The long absence was because a family member needed my help.

   I am now back, and happy to report the step-by-step painting won a "Best Painting Award"!

   This was a hard subject to paint and that is exactly why I wanted to paint it! 
When I was beginning this painting, I studied and looked at the photo, but later put it down, and just painted.  The bubble in the bottom right corner has an interesting story, I needed something to stop your eye from going out-of-the-painting.   I tried painting a larger rock to block the lower right corner, and keep the viewer in the painting.  The photo showed the stream flowing out-of-the-picture, good for a photo, but not good for a painting!   To make this shorter, I don't remember painting that bubble in the lower right!  A Gift?

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