Jun 30, 2013

Art Show Check List

 Art Show Check List

Ever wonder what it takes to do an Art Show?   What do you need to order before hand?  
What do you need to bring?
Getting ready for an Art Show takes planning.
Here is my check- list,  I hope you find it helpful.

Art Show Check List    2013
Clear plastic Drop cloth  ( in case of rain)
Banner with your name
S Hooks
Brown Cloth for background   (color of your choice dark or light)
The Square  (for credit card payments)
Paintings in frames, hardware attached
Hanging Hardware
Business Cards, Flyers and Calenders
Name tag
Lunch, water and snack in cooler
Packing material, tape, bubble wrap for transport
Apron w/pockets
Sales receipt book
Pens, small first aid kit
Paintings priced with name tags, extra tag on back w/price
About ME page in plastic sleeve
Guestbook w/name, email and comments at top of each page
Ziplock Bags
Paint pen to touch up frames
Address where Art Show will be?!
Hat and bug spray

1 comment:

  1. love the checklist. Don't forget the bugspray or the first aid kit for sure. Great looking booth.