Jul 1, 2013

See Behind the Studio Door

We all Love to view "how" others live,  now you can view behind the Artist's doors and see where they work!   

See where I paint and 19 other Artist's Studios below!

This is where I do most of my painting, opposite the front door on our entry porch.
I also paint in the dining room, following the light around the house!

Now for the scary part of creating Art Work!  Art Supplies!
This is my reference library, well part of it!

As you can see, neatness counts! 

 My supplies take up a lot of space!

Now that I have revealed my work space, take a look at the Artist's listed below 

that have their act together! 

Thanks for looking, and Happy Painting!

Marla LaubischCarol SchiffKaethe BealerJo MacKenzie
Michael ChamberlainCharleen MartinSally BinardJacklyn Karabaich
Sharon GravesSea DeanJohnna SchellingTaryn Day
Julie Ford OliverSarah SedwickKim RempelCindy Michaud
Joanne GrantCarmen BeecherCindy Williamshref="cathyengberg.blogspot.com/">Cathy Engberg


  1. It´s interesting how few of us have a dedicated studio. As you see from my blog, mine has been a suitcase for the last little while. Lovely to meet you and see your creations.

    1. Sea, I had a Studio for three years in a 100 year old building. It was originally office spaces. The doors all had gaps so you could hear everyone's conversation. Not good for being in the moment. I now work all over the first floor of our house following the sun!

      Thank you for commenting and Great meeting you!

  2. I love the idea of painting on the porch - so many windows!

  3. Marla, We call it a porch because that is, what it was back in 1885 when the house was built. Over the years it was closed in and it now it is an entryway. We don't have a garage so most days it is filled with just about everything! I paint there because of the light coming through the glass paneled front door.
    Thank you for commenting, great meeting you!