Sep 29, 2013

Not a Mac

I love painting food! 
 You know when a painting is done, when it makes you Hungry!
 This painting was a surprise because the background took as long to paint as the hamburger!  I wanted a dark neutral background to off set the color of the warm bun.   Many tries and combinations late I arrived at the color I wanted.
Sorry about the glare, but as always it is late in the day and I have to photograph under lights.

12x12                Oil on Canvas           


  1. Jacklyn, it's a good thing I've already had my dinner, because looking at this makes me hungry! This is solo good!

  2. Yummy! You did a fantastic job. I have been wanting to paint one of these too. Now that I have seen yours I'm not sure I will do it justice, like you have.

  3. Wow, looks delicious! Your color is right on! Wonderful Jacklyn!

  4. Donna Tucker,
    Thanks! Go for it, and paint something fun that really appeals to you!
    I learned more about color with this painting, trying to mix-up a compliment but cooled down background color.

  5. Cathy Engberg,
    Thank You!
    I painted this looking at my I-pad. For the final painting I turn the I-pad OFF and just paint. The colors aren't realistic but give a better look than the photo.

    1. yes. I do like your unrealistic colors.

    2. Cathy Engberg,
      Thanks! You get me!