Sep 30, 2013

Supermarket Groupie!

Before the "30 Day Challenge" started,  I had nothing  going on!  
The Challenge started, and I was on the road for five day driving trip.   I brought along my painting gear, thinking I could paint once I stopped, but that didn't happen!  Driving ALL day, and getting in late wasn't the creative environment I thought it would be!

The most interesting thing I learned during the "30 day challenge" was it takes me a long time to choose "what" I want to paint,  it has to be a subject that excites me!   I might set up a still life, and if it doesn't speak to me, down it comes and I'm off  looking for something else to paint!   (I NOW understand "why" a theme is important!)
My paintings were so varied during the challenge because I tried different mediums and different subjects and stretched myself to paint out-of-my-norm!

A BIG Thank You to Leslie Saeta for coming up with this challenge!

 For those of you that have been following me,  Thank YOU!
I will continue to blog about my newest paintings.
Thank YOU for taking the time to look!

Supermarket Groupie

12x12   Oil on Panel


  1. SPAM!? That's hilarious! I love the idea. You're a great inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful artwork with the rest of us.

  2. Love the Spam! haha! I really have enjoyed the variety of subjects you choose. You have been keeping it fun! And your color is always so fresh. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

  3. Same for me. I learned last time it takes me too long to decide what to paint. That's why I did the big plan this time. Worked for me really ell. Love the spam.