Mar 14, 2014

Chromatic Grays

Chromatic Grays


This painting was painted twice!  
The first attempt was with just Carbon Black and Titanium White oil paint mixed together.  
When the painting was finished it didn't have much life to it, 
 so I put away the carbon black 
and squeezed out the ultramarine blue, cad red and cad yellow medium and mixed different ratio piles.  Then by degrees I added white to the different color piles.  

Finally I had grays that were lively!  They are called Chromatic Grays.  

Thanks for Looking!

8x8     Oil on Canvas   $100  


  1. Wow, I like the color, I mean grays!
    Did you use a big brush too?

  2. JanettMarie,
    Thank You for your comment!
    I had to go look at what I used to paint this since I use a palette knife most of the time, it was a Flat 12 Monarch by W&N.

  3. Nalo, Thank You for your wonderful comment!