Mar 11, 2014

Juicy Sunday

Half peeled orange and Sunday funnies all done with a palette knife!

8x8           Oil on Canvas 


  1. Cindy EllisMarch 11, 2014

    Love it! All the little details! Penguin!

    1. Cindy Ellis,
      Thank You for your wonderful comment and support!

  2. Amazing that you can get that control with a palette knife. That orange is positively juicy! I seriously make a mess using a palette knife on my palette. Great job!

  3. Terri Buchholz,
    I didn't start out painting with a palette knife, I used brushes for years! Little- by- little I would add strokes with the palette knife, and liked the outcome. But there were times it felt like I was painting with my feet!
    A lot of practice, scrapping, and throwing away real duds has lead my down this path.
    Thank you for your very nice comment!

  4. Jacklyn, this orange looks so real, I want to reach out and grab it. Also, with it being placed on the "comics" is so clever and original! Did you really paint the comics with a knife? Wow!

  5. Linda Thank you for your very nice comment! Yes I did paint the comics with a palette knife, a very small palette knife!

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    1. Sue Marrazzo, Thank you for your very nice comment!