Jul 11, 2014

Something a little Different

The  "Thirty paintings in thirty days Challenge" seemed like just-the-right-time for me to learn more about abstracts using water solvable paints.   Yikes!  What a learning curve!  
I have ONLY worked in oils, so this should be Fun or Frustrating!!

I will be writing about What I Learn along the way.
Hope YOU follow along!

 Watercolor and Pen

This shows the beginning of the painting with just the WC background.  


  1. Now is a great time to learn anything. This is beautiful. Love the colors and the freeness of the back.

    1. Sharon,
      Thank You for commenting!
      I'm working with a medium I have never worked with before! I don't know where this will take me, but hope the challenge teaches me something and loosens me up.