Jul 2, 2014

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

 The painting workshops I get the most from, are the ones that take me out-of-my-comfort-zone!
 When I am in a new environment I use all of my training and knowledge, or non-at-all!  It might be the lack of sleep, traveling to a new location or meeting new people in the workshop?  Whatever it is, something is different?  The paintings produced are always surprising, if it's good, I'm surprised, and if it's bad, I'm surprised!  But win or lose, I'm learning!

 There is a very short video at the end of this blog post showing a sample of a recent plein air workshop.  It starts with a shot of another artist dragging their equipment out to the painting site at 6:00am.!   I was doing the same thing at the time, and have since re-thought my equipment!  My trusty rolling cart let me down on this trip.  
We went where NO CART can go!



  1. Jacklyn, it sounds like you really had a great time at Bill Cramer's workshop in Prescott, AZ. His work is beautiful. I love the youtube video, including the music! What a nice way to remember the highlights of an enjoyable experience!

  2. Linda, Thank You for your comments!
    The video was fun to make, and since I enjoy other artists videos I thought I would share. Little did I know it would take hours for me to figure out how to post it to my Blog! Live and Learn!