May 30, 2013

Step by Step - Planning a Painting


Step by Step - Planning a Painting

This painting started with a commission.

 The client  requested a 20X24 oil painting of his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. 
Lots of phone calls,  research and just plain thinking about this project later, I finally started!
The first step was a few sketches and planning out the format.
More tomorrow!


  1. looks like a video is in order for this. Looks great.

  2. Sharon,
    So sweet of you to comment!
    Maybe a video "next" time, and it would have to be a comedy! I worried about this commission for so long, once I started it just flowed because I had already painted it in my mind many times!

  3. ooo this sounds interesting! I love to see other peoples process. Can't wait to see more!